About firm

Welcome to the "Meadow of Health" ("Polyana Zdoroviya").

LLC ALCENOY-BDS was established in 1998. Over three years the company has been specialized in production of dietary supplements such as organic herbal sugar syrups and sugar-free syrups based on sorbitol sweetener. Our specialists have developed a line of unique products. High quality of the products has been honored with Diplomas, Golden and Silver Medals of International and Russian exhibitions held in Moscow.

LLC ALCENOY-BDS is the member of the Russian Diabetic Association. Our sugar-free syrups, produced for diabetics, have the quality mark "Russian Diabetic recommends".

In 2002 LLC ALCENOY-BDS is the winner of "Moscow Enterprise 2002" Award as "The best enterprise in agricultural goods processing and food production industry" held for Small Enterprises of Moscow.

In 2004 LLSALCENOY-BDS was honored with Diploma "Contribution to the forming of the Russian civilized consumers market.

The All-Russian Social Fund "Long-term Planing Fund" has rewarded "Alcenoy-BDS" LLC with the certificate in the nomination "Consumers, Trust" for the production of biologically active supplements from natural vegetable raw materials and for the distribution of its output on the Russian market.

We have established good partnership with largest companies - ZAO "SIA International Ltd", ZAO NPK "Katren", ZAO "Apteki 36'6", LLC "ICN Apteki", LLC "For a-Farm", LLC "Amateg", ZAO "Dia-Mir", LLC "Zdoroviy product" ("Healthy Product") and others. Our product is well known in many regions of Russia, Baltic countries and Belarus.

Our popularity is easy to explain. We use only natural berries, fruits and medical plants harvested in ecologically safe regions of Russia, mostly from Northern and Far Eastern parts. We make our products in accordance with the ancient recipe-books used by folk healers. Centuries-old experience of our forefathers proves that natural products provide for health and strength. We constantly develop and extend our assortment, introduce new and unique products that are of high demand on the market.

Our range of goods enlarges yearly.

In 2003 a new and unique product line was introduced: herbal juice concentrates of "Steveya". There is no yet an equivalent of such a product on the Russian market.

LLC "ALCENOY-BDS" produces syrups for cocktails, toppings for ice-cream, berries in syrup for dessert for restaurants, bars and confectionery.

We will be happy to establish business relationship with you and hope for a long-term and beneficial cooperation.

Our awards

All syrups of "Meadow of Health" ("Polyana Zdoroviya") was rewarded with "Best Goods of Russia" Sign and honored with Golden medals for High Quality at "Best goods and services of Russian markets" exhibition in 2001.

Sugar-free syrups on sorbitol won "Best diabetic product 2001" Award. Five of them have been granted Patent for invention.

Vitamin-rich syrups were given a Medal of International "Ecologically safe products" Award, Diplomas of "Prodexpo 2001" exhibition.

Fructose fruit juice gels were rewarded Silver Medals for high quality at "Best goods and services of Russian markets" exhibition in 2001.

Concentrates of "Sbiten'" beverage won Diploma and Golden Medal of "Rosprodexpo-2001", Diploma and "Golden Sirin" Medal at "Buy Russian" exhibition in 2002.

Ice-cream and desserts syrup dressings took Silver Medal at "Rosprodexpo-2001", Diploma and "Golden Sirin" Medal at "Buy Russian" exhibition in 2002.

Cocktail syrups were given Diploma, Golden and Silver Medals at "ROSAGRO-2002" exhibition.