Herbal juice concentrate Steveya

steveyasugar free!

Steveya is a sweet herb, contains so called neocarbohydrate sweet diterpene glucosides (SDG) a sugar alternative with contamination of sweet equivalent no less then 300 points (no extra insulin required) against near zero caloric value; 17 amino acids (lysine, glicine, methyonin, and others), vitamin C, A, B, E, D, K, flavonoids, glucosides, saponins, alkaloids, essential oils, microelements Fe, Ca, Zn. Nature itself has prepared the healthful and dietary product for treatment of diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis and other diseases. Steveya compounds are beneficial for carbohydrate metabolism. Steveya prevents disease-causing bacteria overgrowth, especially in the mouth; protects teeth from caries and gums from paradontosis.

Our company specialists have developed a line of Steveya-based herbal juice concentrates:

  • "Steveya. Pineapple" (Steveya. Ananas)
  • "Steveya. Orange" (Steveya. Apelsin)
  • "Steveya. Сowberry" (Steveya. Brusnika)
  • "Steveya. Cherry" (Steveya. Vitchnya)
  • "Steveya. Cranberry" (Steveya. Klyukva)
  • "Steveya. Raspberry" (Steveya. Malina)
  • "Steveya. Blueberry" (Steveya. Chernika)
  • "Steveya. Dogrose" (Steveya. Shipovnik)
  • "Steveya. Apple" (Steveya. Yabloko)

Package: bottle/glass, 250 ml, 16 bottles per case

Shelf-life: 12 months.