Natural fructose fruit juice jelly

Ягодное желе на фруктозе

Our fructose fruit juice jelly won High Quality Silver Medals at "Best goods and services on markets of Russia" in 2001.

Red bilberry, blackberry, Far East magnolia-vine fruits, cranberry, raspberry, buckthorn, and blueberry are now on your table all the year round.

Mother Nature has taken care of us and provided the forest berries with fructose and pectin-nutriments beneficial to our health.

Fructose plays an important role in a number of life processes. It helps diabetes to reduce blood sugar. Fructose is characterized by the following properties:

sugar free!
  • It relieves alcohol intoxication.
  • It aids to teeth cleaning.
  • It is easily absorbed by compounds responsible for energy supply.
  • It is a glycogen accumulator and energy supplier. It is recommended for sportsmen to keep muscular fitness.
Pectin is also very important to human body:
  • It stimulates intestinal tract function.
  • It conduces to body cleansing and poison detoxication.
  • It sorbs and evacuates heavy metals and radionuclides.
  • It destroys gastrointestinal tract offending bacteria.
  • It benefits to intestinal tract micro flora
  • It cleans allergens away from your body.
There are following fruit jelly available:
  • Red Bilberry (Brusnika)
  • Blackberry (Yedjevika)
  • Cranberry (Klukva)
  • Magnolia-vine (Limonnik)
  • Raspberry (Malina)
  • Buckthorn (Oblepikha)
  • Blueberry (Chernika)
Package: plastic container, 125 ml, 18 containers per case.

Shelf-life: 6 months.